How Afghanistan can benefit from a afghan chat room

Afghan chat room on the the web only benefit the Afghanistan nation. A projected 1,500,000 million only have internet in Afghanistan. The world in Afghanistan is seen a lot several than anywhere else in the world. Afghanistan is a third world area and no one has been able to change Afghanistan. A online Afghan chat room gets the peoples attention away from the actual problems Afghanistan faces. Afghan chat room
Afghanistan is thought of a third world country. They do not have any way to gain liberty from the Taliban. The Taliban has been in the country for over 20 years now. The war with Iraq has been planning on for over 10 years and no good resultswith getting the Taliban out of the country of Afghanistan.

How will Afghanistan continually change? Will they by chance change or will we have to do more. After the United States occupied the Afghan world they did not remedy anything. Afghanistan is still in turmoil by the Taliban and they did not change it what so ever. After 10 years in the war and a ruined economic climate the United States killed Osama Bin Laden but did not get the Taliban out and aboutof the country which really does not help the country in the end.

The United States has done a lot but nothing has labored and currently the United States is escaping from the country. The America was unsuccessful in helping remove of The Taliban which had occupied the areaand destroyed the economy it could of been.A Afghan chat room could help the country by helping people interact sociallyand continue there ongoing effort to combat the Taliban. The all of a sudden burst of knowledge that could happen will drastically change the way the country is run on basis.

A Chat room will help Kabul the capital strengthen its wealth and will help stimulate the economy for the future to combat the Taliban and turn out to be a powerful nation so they can defend from future attacks. If the country could get with current times and organize their army and increase the countries overall wealth through the afghan chat than they can be prepared for the future. The area will become effective enough to be considered a developed nation like the rest of the world. The Afghan chat will surely help the country and world in a lot of ways. Afghan gold, oil and natural resources can benefit the world to an immense degree.